Welcome to my page—it’s no coincidence that you have landed here…

You see—deep down—there’s an inner voice calling to you. Can you hear it?

It’s your soul calling you to fulfill your purpose. I believe that we all deserve to celebrate the unique expression of our soul in the world. More importantly, this expression is needed to shift the world’s consciousness! 

Try these following statements out loud:

•   I am infinite

•   I am worthy

•   I am connected to all

•   I am divine essence

•   I am enough

•   I AM LOVE!

Do you feel that inner voice emboldened? That warmness flowing? Good! You are feeling your essence.

Now is the perfect time to connect to your True Essence and showcase it for the world!

Now is the perfect time to forge your own path so that others from your tribe may be brought forth as well! 

Now is the perfect time for love!

Join me, and let’s explore your True Essence Connection together.



We will be able to work together if:

  • You have an open mind with seeing your life from a different perspective

  • You are 100% committed to doing the necessary steps needed to make the radical shifts in your life

  • You are fully committed in investing in yourself and your happiness

  • There is a mutual resonance of comfortability between each other. 

  • If you are willing to accept full responsibility for your present life

We will not be a fit if:

  • You are not 100% committed to doing the necessary work to make radical changes in your life

  • You are doing this because of someone else telling you and not because you want to 

  • You are not open to accepting 100% responsibility for your life

  • You are more focus on the cost, and not the lifetime changes this work will do

  • Not open to a new perspective

What to expect from TEC work

  • Our goal in working together one-on-one is to uncover the root cause of present emotions, situations, and patterns, all the while developing your custom TEC program.  From there, we will begin to develop a new modality to shift your life into. The practice of being in this new way of living—or living in this new way of being—will serve to align you with your essence. In doing so, you will also be encouraged to nurture your soul’s divine purpose! That is why following your True Essence is vital—you’re meant to fully show who you are to the world!!

Still unsure about taking this journey?


Answering the following questions honestly will help to guide you:

  •    Are you feeling stuck in life?

  • Are you unsure about your life purpose

  •    Do you get overly stressed about situations or people?

  •   Are you unable to forgive someone?

  • Is there this feeling you have of not having being fulfilled no matter what you accomplish?

  • Do you find the ways things are to be exhausting?

  • If you answered yes to these inquiries, then I suspect you already have your answer.  You are deserving and worthy of a fulfilled life. Let’s get to work.


© 2020 by Dell Henderson, True Essence Connection

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