Understanding your true purpose

The True Essence of life is one’s innate characteristics, quality, and substance of thoughts and actions.

Understanding your True Essence is a deliberate action to connect with your innermost self, acknowledging the beauty that engulfs your personality without subjecting yourself to irrational judgment. 


Now that you’re here, let me show you what you have been missing. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us and teaches us how to become the best version of ourselves. This voice creates a pathway for us to fulfill our purpose by helping us to understand the most important things in life. Most of us hear this voice at the lowest volume because our minds are crowded, often with distractions, pain, regret, discomfort, and bitterness

Our ability or inability to hear this voice depends on how genuine or filtered our souls are. I believe we all deserve to celebrate and live a life of unique design, a life filled with positivity and characterized by purpose and self-expression. A deliberate shift in the consciousness of what truly matters creates a particularly different perspective within which we can all relate and be productive with the world and the people in it.

Creating a different and intentional consciousness for yourself in agreement with your essence catalyzes the process of true living. To prove this, why don’t you try saying the following statements out loud:

•   I am infinite

•   I am worthy

•   I am connected to all

•   I am divine essence

•   I am enough

•   I AM LOVE!

Do you feel that inner voice emboldened? That warmth flowing? The relief and calm? Good! You are feeling your essence.

Now is the perfect time to connect to your True Essence and showcase it for the world!

Now is the perfect time to forge your own path so that others from your tribe may be brought forth as well! 


Now is the perfect time for love!


Join me, and let’s explore your True Essence Connection together

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Understanding your true purpose 

The True Essence Connection!

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What is the essence of humanity?

By now, you would have realized that life is built around emotions and stress. This happens when issues are not handled the right way. Life can be simple if we fight hard and deliberately work to make it so. It’s as easy as learning from the example of others and even our own mistakes.


The True Essence of humanity is seen if we understand the beauty that engulfs us, when we see things as simple as they ought to be. We must not allow people to control us based on their past experiences with others. Often, people who have become bitter can make other people question their existence or the essence of their life on earth. Understanding the essence of being will make you see yourself as a natural leader.


“But not all people are born to be leaders.

Even if this were true to an extent, we must understand that we all hate oppression and any circumstance that forces us to question our existence. We can avert this stress when we discover the real essence of our lives, which is to live a genuine life peacefully with one another.


Since the creation of being, humankind has questioned its existence as people find themselves in various difficult situations. TEC provides an insight into the essence of being and what we can learn from this insight.

Signs that you’re not presently connected to your true essence include:

  • Blaming others for current situation

  • Having troubles in your relationship

  • Not knowing your soul’s purpose 

  • Business and occupation problems

  • Being powerless in present situations

  • Worrying about the future

  • Dwelling on the past

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Constantly needing external validation 

  • Inability to establish strong boundaries

  • Being excessively judgmental

  • Bitterness or resentment towards others

  • Shame

  • Guilt 

  • Anger towards others and yourself 

  • Addiction

  • Depression


We will be able to work together if:

  • You have an open mind with seeing your life from a different perspective

  • You are 100% committed to doing the necessary steps needed to make the radical shifts in your life

  • You are fully committed in investing in yourself and your happiness

  • There is a mutual resonance of comfortability between each other. 

  • You are willing to accept full responsibility for your present life

We will not be a fit if:

  • You are not 100% committed to doing the necessary work to make radical changes in your life

  • You are doing this because of someone else telling you and not because you want to 

  • You are not open to accepting 100% responsibility for your life

  • You are more focus on the cost, and not the lifetime changes this work will do

  • You are open to a new perspective

Connecting to your True Essence: A life-changing experience!

The True Essence of life is one’s innate characteristics, quality, and substance of thoughts and actions.

Understanding your True Essence is a deliberate action to connect with your innermost self, acknowledging the beauty that engulfs your personality without subjecting yourself to irrational judgment. 

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What to expect from TEC work

  • Understanding and actively infusing into your True Essence Connection is not a one-sided task. It requires genuine honesty and a real desire to better yourself. Our goal in working together one-on-one is to uncover the root cause of present emotions, situations, setbacks, and patterns while creating a personalized approach unique to you for your custom TEC program/routine.

  • From there, we will develop a new modality to shift your life into. The practice of being in this new way of living—or living in this new way of being—will align you with your True Essence. In doing so, you will nurture your soul’s divine purpose! That is why following your True Essence is vital—you’re meant to fully show who you are to the world without holding anything back!

Still unsure about taking this journey?


Answering the following questions honestly will help to guide you:

  •    Are you feeling stuck in life?

  • Are you unsure about your life purpose?

  •    Do you get overly stressed about situations or people?

  •   Are you unable to forgive someone?

  • Is there this feeling you have of not having being fulfilled no matter what you accomplish?

  • Do you find the ways things are to be exhausting?

  • If you answered yes to these inquiries, then I suspect you already have your answer.  You are deserving and worthy of a fulfilled life. 


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