Sucess Story

Dell’s TEC sessions are unparalleled and profound. Dell has expertly guided me through a deep journey of self-awakening each time I’ve sat with him. His words and questions are carefully chosen to inspire awareness through a deliberate path of self-inquiry. During these sessions I feel heard, acknowledged, and prepared with an action plan for forward movement and daily integration. I am infinitely grateful to Dell for demonstrating such kindness, compassion and genuine interest in my human experience. My life is forever altered. - Kaí C


Justin A

The opportunity to work with Dell was medicine I didn’t know I needed. Through our sessions, we identified and confronted false narratives which held me back from tapping into a higher level of happiness and abundance. Through Dell’s approach, I was able to lean in and overcome the stories that kept me from access of greater happiness and success. As we wrapped up our session, I found myself in self confidence, clarity, and a new sense of freedom to be me. What a priceless feeling it is to experience! Without Dell’s patience and commitment to my success, I would not have found the remedy to the unseeable dis-ease that held me back from advancing further into success and fulfillment. If you are interested in activating a greater connection with yourself, and bringing in more abundance and success into your life, then without a doubt, you are in the right place with Dell and his True Essence Connection Program. - Justin A

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