The opportunity to work with Dell was medicine I didn’t know I needed. Through our sessions, we identified and confronted false narratives which held me back from tapping into a higher level of happiness and abundance. Through Dell’s approach, I was able to lean in and overcome the stories that kept me from access of greater happiness and success. As we wrapped up our session, I found myself in self confidence, clarity, and a new sense of freedom to be me. What a priceless feeling it is to experience! Without Dell’s patience and commitment to my success, I would not have found the remedy to the unseeable dis-ease that held me back from advancing further into success and fulfillment. If you are interested in activating a greater connection with yourself, and bringing in more abundance and success into your life, then without a doubt, you are in the right place with Dell and his True Essence Connection Program. 

Justin A.

Dell’s TEC sessions are unparalleled and profound. Dell has expertly guided me through a deep journey of self-awakening each time I’ve sat with him. His words and questions are carefully chosen to inspire awareness through a deliberate path of self-inquiry. During these sessions I feel heard, acknowledged, and prepared with an action plan for forward movement and daily integration. I am infinitely grateful to Dell for demonstrating such kindness, compassion and genuine interest in my human experience. My life is forever altered. 

Kai H.

Dell is a gifted life coach whose positive energy and ability to connect with me made it easy to be vulnerable and share difficult life experiences. He is a supportive, empathetic listener who provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to delve deeply into complex past experiences, examine them from a fresh perspective, and take steps to begin moving beyond them. If you are looking to heal wounds from the past or simply make meaningful personal change to your life, I would highly recommend working with Dell.

Karen M.

What do you think they were able to connect to? The same thing that you can connect to as well. You no longer need to experience life the way that you are right now. All it takes is to take the first step. are you ready to take yours?


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