”If we allow ourselves to experience our True Essence as a spark of the infinite divine intelligence, we can cleanse the connecting link between what we have come to believe about ourselves and who we really are.”
- Wayne Dyer


Dell Henderson

Certified Life Coach/ True Essence Connector 

I help guide individuals along to explore the deepest parts of themselves. Bearing witness for others as they learn to live in their authentic truth is my greatest honor. Indeed, helping people make long-lasting positive shifts in their lives is the deepest expression of who I am.


It is time to navigate life as the true you!


Still unsure to schedule?

Are you presently experiencing any of these things in your life?

  • Stress about life from the way situations are right now.

  • Problems with being able to forgive others.

  • Tried numerous techniques for deeper connection with yourself and it didn’t work.

  • Feeling upset with people in your life for the way they act.

  • Feeling powerless in your life like there’s no way out of your situation.

  • Not feeling fulfilled in life no matter what you accomplish.

  • No longer satisfied with life right now

  • Feeling like you have to be a certain way to appease others.


If any of these things speak to you, I understand where you’re coming from. I have experienced all of these and even more. I have worked through these things with myself and with others. I am confident we can co create this for you if you are ready to fully show up for yourself.  This allows you to work through these things and discover something new.  A new way to experience your life.  

What is true essence connection?

True Essence Connection isn’t for the faint of heart.


We will go to wherever we need to so that you can experience the shifts you would love to have in your life. I am 100% committed to you for your transformation and when clients match that same energy with me, miracles happen.  


I have seen that anything can be possible when we’re fully committed to it. If you’re ready to commit to yourself in a way you haven’t before, then what are you waiting for?


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