I help guide individuals along to explore the deepest parts of themselves. Bearing witness for others as they learn to live in their authentic truth is my greatest honor. Indeed, helping people make long-lasting positive shifts in their lives is the deepest expression of who I am.

So, how did I come to discover this? By journeying through my own beautiful transformation, of course. Like so many others, I too once allowed external circumstances and other people to influence my sense of joy, acceptance, and love.

For me, this showed up as people-pleasing, exerting control over others, and then relying on their responses to dictate my own self-esteem. When things didn't go my way, I felt intense anger; I was a pro at blaming everyone but myself and holding grudges. I manipulated others to appease my view of reality.


Unable to cope, I numbed my self-appointed stress with addiction—to drugs,alcohol, external temporary pleasures.

I couldn't get out of my own way long enough to realize that living in this pattern only gave me temporary moments of satisfaction, never allowing me to fully experience life.   

​My last broken heart changed that. In a moment of radical grace, I was finally ready to hold up the mirror and take an honest look at myself. Only then did I start to examine myself from a different perspective, realizing that perhaps others were not to blame for all that happened to me. That is when the magic really started….

​This was the shaky beginning of a journey towards self-exploration. I took part in a spiritual ceremony with plant medicine, and by doing so, I felt a space that I had never felt before. For a brief moment, I had a taste of what it was like to be complete, content, loving, and accepting of others.

Most importantly, I felt this way about myself!

What I had experienced is what I like to call my own True Essence!

​Even with the help of the medicinal plant, this beautiful, warm feeling proved to be temporary. Almost immediately, I went back to those familiar feelings and patterns that weren't serving me. Luckily, I was still grasping those threads of self-awareness and realized that--once again--

I was co-dependent on extenuating circumstances to make me feel at peace. To feel connected. 


​So like the curious cat that I am, I decided to figure out ways to stay in that space. You name it, I tried it. Only when I was finally able to surrender, accept myself right where I was at, and just be, I finally able to bring myself to this special space! A space that I was already in!

​I still feel it to this day.

​And now, I am committed to helping as many people as possible discover this. I welcome all who have this calling to explore more about yourself and life.

You deserve to experience your own connection to yourself in a way deeper than you can imagine, thereby allowing who you are to flourish. 


© 2021 by Dell Henderson. True essence connection