• Letting the opinions of others to stop you from doing what you truly want in life

  • Allowing your thoughts to run rampant and keep you stuck in certain emotions/behaviors

  • Allowing how others treat you to affect how you feel about yourself

  • The need of doing a spiritual practice or take a psychedelic so that you can escape your present reality

  • Not being  able to forgive yourself or others for past experiences

  • Pleasing others for the fear of what would happen if your don’t

  • Wishing you could go back to how you were at a certain time

  • Accomplished all the achievements you wanted so far and still feel unfulfilled

  • Don’t know what to do with your life right now

  • Expressing anger in ways that harm yourself and  others

  • Afraid to fully be yourself in relationships and life

"If we allow ourselves to experience our True Essence as a spark of the infinite divine intelligence, we can cleanse the connecting link between what we have come to believe about ourselves and who we really are."

-Wayne Dyer

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